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well this is todd not gizelle typing but she is asleep and i dont remember my password lol so ima type on here. its been about 5 striaght days that ive been blessed with her company but i have to leave tomorrow before she goes to work which i hope the fact that she will be at work will help her get through what is inevitable and that is the hurt of us not being together which i completely understand cause i go through it too i just wish some times she was stronger than me and i could be the one that breaks down and she helps me stay afloat but i dont mind being the stronger one when she needs me cause there is nothing in the world and i mean NOTHING in this world that i enjoy more then to see her smile or hear her laughter cause i can then hear the happiness and it fils me up with sooo much love and i remember why i feel in love with her and why i would give her the world and more if and when i can, she is the most amazing girl in the world she doesnt even have to do much she just looks at me ad all my troubles and pain washes away like if i took a shower and watched the dirt fall from my body. she is my everything my complete other half what im not she is and what shes not i hope to be we are perfect in eachother arms when i hold her had i feel complete its the most amzaing feeling in the whole world!!! sometimes i wonder what my life would of been without her or where id be in this world and then it clicks and i know it wouldnt ever have been the same it wouldnt have been as fufilling or filled withas much hppiness as she brings me day in and day out yes we are 400 miles apart right now but everyday i wake up to her face and voice and i fall alseep into a dream of magic where we are together all the time and i know one day that will be reality so i wake up happy and excited knowing im one day closer to making it happem well she is asleep on my arm she its getting harder to type but i will leave off by reminding her and anyone that cares to know that i love her with all my heart body and soul and she is my everything.

        Gizelle Marie Carrasquilloyour the only woman for me and ill never take you for granted i will love and cherish you everyday till i cant anymore baby always and forevver Todd Falcon!!
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